Payroll Made Easy processes your payroll checks and files your payroll taxes.

Accuracy & Responsiveness
Payroll Made Easy will process your payroll efficiently and accurately. We will also respond quickly to any questions or requests.

We process all of your payroll needs for you. Calculate employees hours, process payroll checks, calculate payroll liabilities, make your company's tax deposits. We delierver your employees pay checks to your company. You can submitt your payroll by phone,fax or email.

Personalized Service
A qualified customer service representative answers every call. Call us at 801-540-2065. We really do care about your business. Your success is our success.

Payroll Tax Filing
Payroll Made Easy will process and file all of your company's taxes, such as monthly, quarterly and yearly returns. You no longer have the burden of going to the bank to pay your taxes. In addition, we take responsibility for speaking to all tax agencies on your behalf.

Check Reconciliation
Payroll Made Easy will provide you with a per payroll or monthly check register for your bank reconciliation. It will list each employee paid in that month, including the check date, check number, and net pay.

Payroll Made Easy provides you with all the reports needed for you to see acurate information. In addition we can customize any reports upon your request.

Record Retention/Backā€“Up
Payroll Made Easy will retain and back-up all of your payroll records. In addition, when you receive unemployment requests, workers compensation requests or even if your employee needs a per payroll history for a loan, simply call, email or fax us your request and we will fax the information to you the same day.

Payroll Taxes
Payroll Made Easy will pay and file all taxes such as calculates liabilities, makes tax deposits, and files your Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly end W-2s and 1099.

New Hire Reporting
As required by state law, Payroll Made Easy will report each new employee for you as we process your payroll.
Start-Up Businesses
Payroll Made Easy at no extra cost we will help you sign up with all the tax agencies - Federal, state, local, unemployment, etc. We have all the forms available to you in order to ensure your compliance.

Payroll Made Easy will make the deduction from your employees, and process the payments for you in the format mandated by the agency.

Your Payroll and Quarterly taxes on time... Everytime.


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Telephone: (801) 540-2065